Fisherman Laurence Newman: Snow, fog, “whatever, we went out and set the trawls”

SWHPL 12440

So there I am at the Southwest Harbor Public Library, stumbled across a trove of oral history cassette tapes recorded under library auspices in the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. I was trying to find a videotaped interview, I knew existed, with father-and-son wooden boatbuilding duo Ralph and Richard Stanley. Thus ...

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Linda Kelley: The art, the energy, and a sense of play

linda 1

BAR HARBOR – Linda Rowell Kelley likes time by herself in her A-frame studio, a hundred yards down a brushy path from the home she shares with her husband Terry. She paints there for hours on evenings and weekends. When she retires from her day job, as director of administration ...

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House concert impresario Steve Peer: “The coolest guy we know”

hands f

ELLSWORTH – There’s a hubbub of cheerful chatter, and it’s difficult to make out what Celtic/rock contemporary/fusion musicians Carmel Mikol, Rachel Davis, and Darren McMullen are saying. “We’re not even a band,” says Mikol, who adds, “We’re free radicals.” Or maybe it’s, “We’re three radicals.” The three are scheduled to ...

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Masanobu and Tomoko Ikemiya: The ragtime, sparkle-divine Peace Farm state of mind

cut elderberry

BAR HARBOR – Masanobu Ikemiya is a concert pianist, conductor, and recording artist, a foremost exponent of American ragtime, the founder of the summertime Arcady Music Festival in Maine and of the New York Ragtime Orchestra, and a Zen Buddhist disciple. His wife, Tomoko, is a former nurse-midwife, psychologist, and ...

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Young artists, new message: The euphoria of connection


BASS HARBOR – The projects of the Mohawk Arts Collective begin with the ideas of the two founders, Andrew Simon and Pavel Ezrohi, and evolve with the added energy of invited artists, who recently traveled from New York City to Bass Harbor for a week’s worth of rehearsal and performance. ...

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Sperm whale, dead two weeks, an aromatic necropsy

cut rib 2

BAR HARBOR – A 50-foot male sperm whale, believed to be dead for about two weeks, was collected by Allied Whale in Bar Harbor and necropsied on a Hulls Cove beach on Aug. 20. The animal was estimated to weigh 50 tons, or 100,000 pounds. The head alone was estimated ...

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A family’s Friendship, a fleet’s friendly ways


SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Three generations of Zubers are aboard the Friendship sloop Gladiator on a terrifically hot Saturday in July. “Did you see, last night? There were, like, a thousand squids over there,” says nine-year-old Liam, who points to the sea. “It was so cool.” The boat is temporarily tied ...

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Local film pro Thom Willey leads blockbuster life

anatomy f

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Somewhere on the Maine coast, a middle-aged man, Rusty, shouts, “It was a freak accident, Maynard! When are you going to get over that?!” Maynard, seen in the film’s frame from behind, grabs Rusty. “You’ll never know what it’s like to see your only son’s baseball cap ...

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Gwen Schwartz: An artist’s creative fire, remembered


NORTHEAST HARBOR – Gwen Elizabeth Schwartz was a young artist who is remembered by friends and family for her bold vision, independent thinking, spontaneity, and fierce spirit. Gwen was 21 when she died suddenly, on April 5, 2011 in New York City, not long after receiving a possible diagnosis of ...

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Out of the garage, a valuable painting


SOMESVILLE – Auctioneer Jerry Miller had cleaned out the good furniture from a large Southwest Harbor estate, whose contents were being put up for auction. He and his assistant had moved on to the garage, where they were hauling out metal file cabinets and other items. Behind a bunch of ...

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Bass Harbor lobsterboat race: “A bang-up job”

harrison pearl.downeaster

BASS HARBOR – A lot goes into the making of a lobsterboat race. It’s a community event, invented by the community. In Tremont, planning for this year’s race, on June 24, began just a few days after last year’s race, with a recap of do’s and don’ts. The race is ...

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From human connections, a path to recovery

christine f

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Christine Drabek, Acadia Family Center’s new executive director, has seen people in the deepest throes of homelessness, disease and addiction. Her ability to engage with others who are in these terrible situations is founded on an optimistic, strength-based philosophy, both personal and professional, that change is possible, ...

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A hint of inner chaos in paintings that are big, bold and bizarre

new painting 4

NORTHEAST HARBOR – Artist Aaron Mitchell makes paintings that are big with in-your-face primary colors and bizarre images that hint of inner chaos channeled into art. Mitchell paints on anything that comes to hand – old planks, windows and doors from the dump figure large – with acrylics, oils and ...

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Trisha Mason writes a song and launches a career

at home on piano

ELLSWORTH – Trisha Mason is a candidate for most nervous interview subject ever. She giggles a lot. Her cheeks, glowing with health, blush. Her accessible gaze suddenly averts up and to the left, then instantly returns. “I’m sorry,” she says – with a giggle. “You should see me onstage. It’s ...

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