Behind the lens: Sharon Arnold captures a fantastical world

Lost Highways untitled 4, Mt Desert Island, Maine 2011

 For three decades, Sharon Arnold’s photographic work has yielded explosions of creativity rooted in vexed optimism and a vision of existence obscured by the surface of worldly life. Arnold produces highly staged and manipulated images that conjure a dream-like state of both loss and strength. Her motifs favor the off-kilter ...

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Drug addiction: No such thing as a hopeless case

kip 2

Kip Young is “a pretty happy, single, 51-year-old guy.” He’s got a job he loves, as a drug and alcohol counselor with the Acadia Family Center in Southwest Harbor. He has a daughter to whom he is devoted, and a great gig on the side as a rock musician and ...

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Shepard and The Fiddler: The playful’s the thing

brian 5

The working sheepdog – often a border collie – has a way of running low to the ground, sometimes skootching forward on its haunches, moving in sudden starts and stops, eyes unwavering as it herds its charges across fields and into pens. It channels the owner’s will as it exerts ...

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Artists warmly remember Thistle Brown


Aurelia “Thistle” Brown was a central fixture in the Northeast Harbor arts community. Brown, who passed away on Feb. 21 at age 87, was a respected painter and the founder of the Wingspread Gallery. She was also a friend to a far-flung community of artists who remember her with deep ...

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From tales of tragedy, lessons in hope


Kip Young was at Pemetic Elementary School, setting up a PowerPoint presentation for one of his weekly meetings with the eighth-grade class. Young is a drug and alcohol counselor with the Acadia Family Center in Southwest Harbor. He is also a former substance user who got sober 24 years ago ...

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Bath salts use is a concern on MDI


The use of the synthetic drug commonly known as “bath salts” has not been the epidemic on Mount Desert Island that it has been in other Maine communities. But MDI has not been immune to its presence, and there is some concern that, with the coming influx of seasonal employees ...

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After several relapses, a recovered addict is optimistic

acadia sign

Julia is a friendly, fit, athletically inclined person in her 40s who has a professional background, comes from a prosperous family, has a high IQ, and is a devoted mother. Julia (not her real name) was raped when she was 5 years old. In her teen years, she was recruited ...

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Acadia Family Center fosters inner resilience

acadia sign

Annually, the Acadia Family Center treats between 100 and 120 clients for addictions and related mental health disorders at its outpatient facility in Southwest Harbor. On top of that, the center’s clinical staff also provides prevention and education services for more than 1,300 students in Mount Desert Island schools, on ...

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After hitting bottom, a young mother pulls through for her child


A year ago, “Susan” was 23, hooked on drugs and trying to raise her 1-year-old daughter. Susan began using drugs when she was 16. She said she was sober when she was pregnant, and her baby was born healthy. About three weeks after her baby was born, though, Susan succumbed ...

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A father struggles with his daughter’s addiction


A year ago, John realized that his daughter, Jane, was addicted to powerful prescription drugs used to alleviate pain, depression and anxiety. John, who is in his late 50s, leads a “back to the land” lifestyle and runs his own organic products business. Jane is in her 30s and has ...

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At Open Door, the gift of recovery awaits


People who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism did not intend, at any point in their lives, to have either of these diseases. Some experimented as youngsters. Others had pain issues that required powerful medications. Still others have trauma or mental health issues, and were simply seeking some relief. “They’re ...

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Drug court: time served, life regained


The type of person who comes to the attention of the Hancock County Adult Drug Court program are those who appear to be hopeless drug addicts. They have significant criminal histories and some have served prison sentences in the past. They have already been tried for their offenses and have ...

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From death’s door, an addict finds his way home

335058 dustin on steps

Dustin Johnson started using marijuana and alcohol when he was 11 or 12. At 17, he got into cocaine and crack. From there, he ended up on heroin and other narcotics. “It ended up getting really bad,” Johnson said recently at his home in Surry. “It was daily for about ...

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From addiction to life reclaimed


Danielle Pratt became anorexic when she was 12, started using marijuana and alcohol at 14, and started IV-using heroin when she was 17. She is now 25. Up until a year ago, her life revolved around alcoholism, drug abuse, shoplifting, eating disorders, and numerous stints in jail and rehabilitation programs. ...

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Press Release Category Opening

Press Releases

ProfilesMaine is about to launch a new category called Press Releases. We welcome you to Contact Us to submit a request to publish your press release on ProfilesMaine. Please follow conventional Press Release formats and confine your topics to events and news that relates to Maine. Thank you.

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