Comments From Readers in General

• “Laurie Schreiber, one of my favorite chroniclers of the coast.” – Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors contributing editor Peter Bass

“Laurie Schreiber is my all-star writer.” “Laurie is far and away my best writer: careful, clear, sensitive and accurate.” — Tom Groening, editor, The Working Waterfront

• “Laurie is an articulate and captivating storyteller and it was a pleasure collaborating with her on several articles about award-winning landscape architect Bruce John Riddell. Her description of his gardens and his approach to designing and melding the built and natural landscape, captured the essence of what he does best. She is a delight to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” – photographer William Brehm

• “Laurie Schreiber is a GREAT journalist!!!!”

• To say that Laurie Schreiber is a good journalist is like saying that a rainbow is composed of seven colors. There are a good many more than seven colors in Laurie’s rainbow. Laurie is an educated, meticulous journalist. She has a discerning eye for a good story and she writes well. She does comprehensive and imaginative research. Her most important assets are her ability to take the time to conduct a complete interview, to ask questions that engage her source and to understand the mindset of the person she is interviewing. By the time Laurie writes a story she truly understands her subject and has been able to develop an engaging point of view from which to construct the story. She has acquired all the tools she needs. The result is that the people she has interviewed are happy and confident in her ability to describe their subject. Those who read the story are involved, interested and informed. –Charlotte R. Morrill, Archivist, The Southwest Harbor Public Library

• “Great magazine.”

• “You have been such an important part of telling the community’s story over the years. Thank-you. We could always count on your thoughtful journalism and clear prose that brought the heart of the matter to the surface of your stories.”

• “Just  a quick note to thank you for your articles. So many of the old boatbuilders I had some relationship with. Built a 42-foot wooden hull from Chummy, took over from Raymond on the Jericho. Haunted Ralph Stanley’s  shop. Built Arthur Spurling skiffs. A wealth of information here. Very much  enjoyed.”

• “Love your articles about SWH boat builders.”

• “I’m on the Sea Princess doing tours this summer. I read all your articles about the various boatbuilders, Steve Spurling, Chummy Rich, etc., and use the info on my tours. We have a Sea Princess tour called Working Harbors, and you have saved my butt with all your research this summer. I constantly use your material, and copied/pasted your articles to the naturalists.”

• “Congrats for the terrific above-the-fold cover story in the latest Fishermen’s Voice! Clear, balanced, and factual–it gave me hope that folks are waking up to the real threat associated with our changing climate, etc. I gave it three whoops and two fist pumps and made the dog rather nervous! (She forgives you.) When does it go online? I’d love to share it with some folks. Great job and thanks!”

• “Loved the ‘Hangar Dance’ story. Brought back wonderful memories!”

• “’The Season of Names’ is a very beautiful piece of writing and expresses so well and so elegantly my own feelings. Everyone felt it actually spoke to her, which is also a feeling that I had. So they, as well as I, say a very heartfelt thank-you.”

• “I want to thank you for your fine work and dedication during the past year.”

• “Yours was one of the best articles on architecture that I have read…what really distinguished it was that you wrote so clearly about the ideas that generate the designs. That is such a difficult accomplishment – taking an abstraction, translating it into tangible examples, and making it accessible to readers. You have done that very well, indeed. You also, in a very few words, really caught Nan: the tolerant smile, the affection and mid amusement that she holds for us all.”


Comments From Readers of Specific Profiles

Dinner with the Hinckleys: How family, crew, and culture made a world-class brand:

• For the individuals, friends, and family members who have “wondered what I have been doing” for the past 30 years; Laurie Schreiber has written a wonderful history of, The Hinckley Company that I encourage you to read.

great piece of writing Laurie!!!!!

 • Laurie, what I want to write is, “You have outdone yourself”, on this story. But, you have ALWAYS outdone yourself on EVERY story!

War boats, draggers, sportfishermen, trawler-yachts: Bink Sargent navigates a diverse career:

• AWESOME article !!! Loved all the pictures.

• Another excellent historical account that gives recognition to all the talented craftsmen here on MDI. Thank you Laurie.

• incredible article ! keep em’ coming

• Wow, fascinating stuff – well done.

• wow, very cool!

O Richtown brothers, where art ye? A search for a boatbuilding clan, with digressions

• “I really enjoyed this walk through the misty past.  Your clever first person narrative brought is alive, allowing me as a reader to enjoy some of the fun of your sleuthing.  Great job – thanks!”

• “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on The Rich brothers of  Richtown.  I am friends  with Virgina Everbeck and her daughter Winnie and usually rent one of her  cottages in the summer. I had heard some of the stories over the years but never put it all together as you have done so eloquently. Thank-you again for such a well written piece and I look forward to the  others you have listed on the site.”

A Rich heritage: “All I wanted to do was build boats”

“GREAT story, Laurie!  I cannot imagine the time you put into researching and organizing this fascinating work.”

Richard Stanley and wooden boats: From legacy to beyond

• “Fantastic article – what a story!”

• “Thank-you for posting this. Thank-you.”

• “Superb article, Laurie, about Great Harbor Boatworks.”

• “Thank you so much!”

• “What a great look at the development of your dreaming, living, wonderful work!”

Adequate: A Bunker and Ellis gem, an admirer’s fulfillment

“Your profile on Rod Lucas is simply superb. Thank-you, thank-you.”

Bunker and Ellis: How two men played pool and became boatbuilding icons

• “Love the Bunker and Ellis article, another masterpiece from your pen!”

• “I just wanted to let you know that I think your article on B&E is very well done- a nice mixture of social and cultural history.”

The Esther II: A father’s boat, a son’s heart

“Thanks for the wonderful story of the Esther II.”

Gwen Schwartz: An artist’s creative fire, remembered

“Oh my gosh, check out this wonderful article by Laurie Schreiber about Gwen’s artwork and the Christmas Carol event. Please share!”


Comments From Interviewees

• “THANK-YOU. THANK-YOU for the great Thanksgiving surprise. We got the article today.  I forwarded it to our large family all over the country (and overseas). Everyone is pleased. Good job and Thanks again.”

• “Your writing is wonderful and you captured me in a way that was so real.  I thank you for that. I was thrilled by what you had in your ‘net’ when the fishing was done!

I loved it and thank you for the interview and your style of writing.”

• “Now, it’s time for me to pay tribute to you! From my perspective, you appeared out of the blue and dropped a most generous present in my lap. Your review was articulate, perceptive, an beautifully presented – I’m proud of it and very comfortable with what you said. I can only wish for you that you meet with the same appreciation and reward in your writing career. The Times and Mount Desert Island are richer for your thoughtful observation and well-written commentary.”

• “We want to thank you for your excellent and sensitive write-up of our 70th anniversary.”

• “We want to congratulate you for aw wonderful feature article about our plans to form a Centennial Club for Tremont’s Historic Houses. You creatively crafted a beautiful picture of why this project is important to our community, both for our senior residents and the children who should know about the roots of our homes. Your choice of words was simply poetic, and your selection of quotes from us was accurate and incisive.”

• “Thank-you so much for your interesting and well-written story about MultiSurf. You certainly show a remarkable comprehension of the program and its significance. “

• “Just wanted to say thanks so much for the really terrific article on dance therapy.”

• “What a great job you did with the ‘I can cope’ review. You expressed my tongue-tied points perfectly!”

• “I want to personally thank you for a wonderful article about our recently installed CT scanner. With a great balance of fact, application, and reality in the health care field, you presented a nicely balance article. Thank-you very much. I hope we can similarly interest you in a few months when we have our new color ultrasound unit.”

• “Thank-you for the excellent article about the Bass Harbor Country Store. Since the article appeared, I have already received a number of comments how well it was written.”
• “Just a quick note to thank you for the delightful story on Brooks Boats. Everyone has commented don the story, saying nice things.”

• “Just a brief note to express my appreciation for your review of Angel Country. I must say that yours has been the most in-depth and comprehensive review my book has received to date.”

• “We were very pleased with the great write-up and photos you furnished for the article about the launching of the Dauntless.  Thank-you so very much.”