Writing Services

Publications I produce both assigned and self-originated newspaper and magazine copy on time and to specified length. My photos often accompany my work. Rigorously researched, fact-checked, and proofed. Link to this work through “Clips” in the menu.
Websites Stuck for content? I can write/update your mission/vision statement, project/product descriptions, services, bios, banners, and ongoing news.
I produce public relations and product/service support copy.
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Personal Want to write a family history? Time to get down your memoir? I write empathetic personality profiles and family histories that capture the lives of individuals in their eras and communities. I can ghostwrite your autobiography.
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Community Organizations Pulling together materials for presentations/publications? I can write/rationalize your materials to make engaging narratives and captioned images.
Community Events Planning a big celebration? I can produce your publicity.
Family Events I write speeches, as well as toasts and gift cards in clever/sentimental wordplay verse.
Tutoring I offer outside-of-the-box writing tutorials grounded in student engagement.